Find the several possibilities we at World's Marathons offer you in case of you want a refund for any of your registrations through our platform.

1.1 World's Marathons 24-hour cancellation policy

Once you have registered for any event through World's Marathons platform you have a 24 hour free cancellation period to get a full refund for your entire order value with no additional fees.

1.2 Refund Insurance with our partner Refund Protect

World's Marathons is a member of Refund Protect. If you are unable to attend your booking due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control you may be entitled to a refund – please see our terms and conditions. Refund Protect ensures a fast, fair and transparent process for all customers. For more information and/or to apply for a refund please visit

Some scenarios which are covered but not limited to: 

  • Accident, Injury
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition
  • Adverse Weather
  • Scheduled Airline Failure
  • Private Vehicle Failure
  • Pregnancy Related Conditions
  • Armed Forces & emergency Recall
  • Redundancy
  • Jury Services
  • And many more. 

1.3 Non of the previous cases 

If your situation is not included in any of the cases described above the refund request would fall under the event organizer's specific cancellation procedure which will differ between each individual event organizer and their Refund Policy. Due to this, it is not guaranteed that the customer will receive a refund for the cancellation.

1.4 World's Marathons Gift Card

World's Marathons Gift Cards are not refundable. Once you purchase one of our Gift Cards it needs to be claimed within 12 months and a reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances.

For more information we highly recomment to read World's Marathons Gift Cards Terms of Use and Conditions.

For further questions and inquires regarding reimbursements through World's Marathons platform, please contact our team [email protected]

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