This feature allows you to add a range of BIB numbers for each ticket. Each participant is attributed a BIB number that will be visible in the confirmation email sent to the participant upon registration. BIB number generation is useful if you want to allocate a BIB number for all the participants that sign up for your event through World's Marathons.

How to configure

To setup the configuration navigate into the Settings menu in the Race Office and select the "BIB Generation" option.

You'll be presented with a list of your available tickets, in which you can set a minimum and maximum BIB number per ticket. You will also be able to see the current used BIB number for each ticket just below the ticket name once you've sold your first ticket.

Find a participants BIB number

In the Order detail you'll be able to see the attributed BIB number to each participant.

The BIB number is also available in the Orders export to Excel.

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