This feature allows you to change a ticket for participants in an order. It is useful if a runner wants to change to another distance. You are able to either partially refund if the ticket is cheaper or ask the user for an additional payment if it is more expensive. Team orders can't be changed at this point. You'll find the feature in the orders detail view.

Change Ticket

Step 1: Select the new tickets you want to change to.
You will be able to select the other tickets/distances you offer in the drop-down. 

Step 2.1: Upgrade Ticket
If the new ticket's price is higher you'll be doing an upgrade. Optionally, you can add a service fee to the amount the participant has to pay. World's Marathons charges a fixed payment processing fee of €1 for all ticket upgrades.

By clicking "Next: Verify" you'll get a summary of the ticket change. You can change the email to which the payment link is sent to.

After sending the payment link, the order status will be set to "Awaiting payment". This means the runner now must follow the link in the email they received and pay for the upgrade in order for the ticket change to be completed.

Note that the participant needs to complete the payment for the ticket to change.

Once the participant has paid, the order is updated with the additional amount and you'll be able to see the orders in which the participant paid the additional amount.

Step 2.2: Downgrade Ticket

If the ticket price is lower you'll be doing a downgrade. Optionally, you can add a service fee which will be subtracted from the refund. You cannot add a service fee higher than the refund itself.  

By clicking "Next: Verify" you'll get a summary of the ticket change. You can change the participant email to which the refund confirmation is sent.

By completing the downgrade, the order status will be changed to "Refund pending". The ticket will be changed and the participant will receive the notification. When the refund is processed by our internal system the status will be changed to "Partially refunded"

Step 2.3: Change the ticket Free of Charge

It's also possible to upgrade/downgrade a ticket free of charge. Which will immediately change the ticket for the participant.

Current restrictions

You cannot change a ticket in an order which has been paid fully or partially with a fixed value coupon. Please do a full refund and ask the participant to register again.

Team orders cannot be upgraded or downgraded.

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