This feature allows you to do partial or full refunds. This is useful if you want to refund a participants entire order or one or more items in it. The participant will get their money back automatically within 5-10 business days.

Make a Full Refund

In the refund modal you'll be able to select the amount you want to refund, a reason and also an optional personalized message that will be added to the notification email sent to the participant.

Make a Partial Refund

By inserting a smaller value than the total value of the order you will create a partial refund. An order can be partially refunded multiple times until the total amount is fully refunded.

After making the refund the order status will be "Refund pending". The participant will receive the notification and the refund will automatically be processed by the system.

After the refund is processed the order status will be updated to "Partially refunded" or "Refunded" depending if you refunded partially or in full.


It's not possible to partially refund an upgraded order. Please do a full refund and ask the participant to register again.

Refund process for Multibanco payments in Portugal

After a refund has been issued using the above procedure, within two working days Stripe (payments platform) contacts the participant via email, requesting additional information necessary to perform an international money transfer.
Such payments can be refunded within 180 days from payment date.

In case the participant made a payment after the due date, which is 72 hours from the order date, the refund process is automatically initiated by Stripe. The refund is issued within 5 working days.
There is no need to refund the order in Race Office, since such order is not complete and it will not show in Orders section.
Since the registration is not valid. A new registration is required, followed by a successful payment within the time limit.

Our Policies and Refund Protect

Please read our refund policy here:

Or read our partner's (Refund Protect) refund policy here: (applies to customers that opted-in for the refund protect option when purchasing their entry.)

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