If your event spans multiple days, for instance over a weekend where your 10km is on Friday and the Half Marathon is on the Saturday, you can set a date for each individual product/distance. This is helpful because it gives your runners information about the exact date of the race they will participate in and the full span of the event.

This article will walk you through the process of creating a date at ticket level and will explain, in detail which parts of the app are affected by this. For instance, an event can start on a date, but the actual race is only 2 days later. 

Adding/Updating a Ticket with a specific date 

To add or update a ticket with a specific date, go to your Race Office, select your event, go to products and edit the product you want to set a date or create a new product.

A popup will show with a field date from which you can select the race date. You can leave it empty if the date of this ticket is the same as the event.

This datepicker will only show for products that are tickets. The default date selected on the datepicker will be the date of the event.

Then click on add / or update product to save your changes.

Where can this changes be seen?

Event Pages

Event Tiles on the main page

Checkout if product date of the ticket is different than event date

Order confirmation email and receipt will have this date range info in the subject

Search Page Results
Searching by date range will show the results if the end date or the start date selected in the search date picker are within the date range of the event.

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