Enable Feature

To enable the Bank Transfer payment option, go to the event Settings menu and access the Payment Options setting

You'll have to fill your bank account information. Currently only SEPA transfers are allowed.

After filling the information and saving, you can active the feature by pressing the Activate button.

Participant Registration

Once the feature is activated, your participants will be able to register on your event using Bank Transfers as a payment option.

The participant will receive an email with the required information to make the payment.

The reference required for the participant to add to the bank transfer detail is the order reference. 

If no payment is done after 7 days, the system cancels the order automatically.

Payment confirmation

Once a participant registers using the Bank Transfer option, the order will appear as awaiting payment in the order list.

In the order detail you can confirm or decline the payment.

If you confirm the payment then the order will be set as successful and the receipt and confirmation emails with be send out to the participant.

If you decline the payment, the order will be cancelled and an email will be sent to the participant informing that the registration was cancelled.

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