There are plenty of options when it comes to creating the registration form for your event. To navigate to the menu, log into your Race Office account, go to the Race Office main menu and pick which event you would like to set up the form for
On the left menu, choose the option 'Registration', then pick 'Registration Form' on the top navigation menu.

You will then be presented with the configurable options of the registration form when signing up for your event.
The first option is to select the period in which you would like to sell tickets on the World's Marathons platform. By clicking on the input, a calendar will drop down and you can select the dates for beginning and ending the sales of tickets:

Once picked, the date will be automatically saved and applied to the event.

Next on the page is the 'Included in the fee' section. This section is shown on the first page of registration where the attendee chooses their ticket. It is to inform the attendee what is included in the ticket price. As with the dates above, this field is automatically saved once you have filled in the text to include.

Below the 'Included...' section, you have a text area where you can fill to customise the confirmation email which will be sent to attendees after purchase:

As with the text area above, this information is saved after typing in the desired text.

The final section is a table where you are presented with questions for what information you would like to request of the participant:

On the left is the information to be requested. Next in the row, there is a drop down menu where you can choose which ticket(s) you would like to request the information for. Then, there is a toggle which, if on, will request the information when registering for the event. The next toggle switch is to direct whether this is mandatory information. If turned on, the participant will not be able to register without supplying this information. Lastly, under the 'Include in Confirmation Email', this switch decides whether you would like to include the collected information in the confirmation email after registering.

Custom Questions

You can also set custom questions to ask if the preset questions don't meet your needs. Click 'Add a custom question' and you will be presented by a modal:

The first option is to choose how you would like to collect the information. This can be done by a text field, drop down, multiple choice or to provide a file to download. You can then provide the question you would like to ask the participant. If you have chosen to collect the information via dropdown or multiple choice, you must provide at least two options. If you have chosen to provide a file to download, you must upload a file which can be downloaded by the participant.

If you have added a custom question with the type: dropdown or multiple choice, it is also possible to add custom sub-questions. These are questions which are conditionally dependent on the answer the participant previous gave. By adding one of these fields, when the participant is going through the registration form, when they choose one of the dependent answers, the sub-question will appear below this question on the form.

To add a custom sub-question, choose dropdown or multiple choice as your custom question type and a checkbox will appear:

Clicking the checkbox will open the menu to add conditional sub-questions.
Once you have opened the menu, you should first select the answer which your custom sub-question will appear for. The next steps will all be familiar to you as they match the options for normal custom questions. You can add as many sub-questions as you like, and more than one sub-question for a previous answer if required. There is an option which can be selected which will create another sub-question menu for you to fill in.

Once you have provided all the information, click 'Add/Save' (depending on whether you are adding or updating the custom question) and the field will be saved. The custom question will be displayed below the preset questions where they can be edited or deleted using the provided buttons:

As you can see, the custom sub-questions which we added are displayed below the custom question. As with other questions, you can choose whether these should be obligatory and whether you would like to include this information in the confirmation email.

One last feature on this page is the ability to order your custom questions. If you've added some custom questions, but have now decided the order doesn't make sense? Or just decided it looks better in another order? No problem! There is a little arrow by the custom question options to edit/delete:

Clicking that arrow will move the question above the custom question before on both this table and the registration form so you can customise it how you like.
This will be saved automatically as well, so don't worry about needing to click a 'Save' button.

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