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Why is my name not on the start list?
Why is my name not on the start list?
Learn why the official start list may not be up to date
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Who doesn't like instant results? You registered to a race at World's Marathons and two seconds later your name is already on the official start list. This is a dream scenario but it is not always possible. The main reason for delays are technicalities.
In other words, sometimes a little bit of manual work is required to update the official start list. Think about thousands of runners, different registration platforms and the amount of data input involved. Yeah, not easy!

Here's the good news. The moment you receive our order confirmation you are officially registered to your chosen event. We are a marketplace where organisers list their events in order to sell tickets, hence all registrations are official.
That is why you can rest assured that when you receive our order confirmation you are already registered to the race. We are the official partners of every event that sells tickets on our platform. You can book your flights and your hotel. You can start planning your trip. Most importantly, make sure you plan some proper training!

Despite the above you can't sleep because your name is not on the list yet? Let the organiser know about it. Contact the organiser using the support email address you can find in your confirmation email.

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