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Registering at World's Marathons guarantees official registration?
Registering at World's Marathons guarantees official registration?
Read this article if you are in doubt whether your registration is official.
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World's Marathons is a marketplace where organisers from around the world can list their events and sell tickets. What does that mean for you? 

Because it is the organiser who sells tickets at our marketplace, it means that the moment you receive your order confirmation you are officially registered to your chosen race. Registering at World's Marathons is as official and legitimate as registering on the official website. 

It is in the organiser's interest to sell tickets on our marketplace. We offer them extra international visibility, great marketing solutions and modern platform to boost their event's sales and international reach. 

Why register at World's Marathons?
Runners like you prefer to buy tickets at World's Marathons because we give them:

  • easy access to international races, 

  • user profile to store your results and bucket list,

  • discounts and special offers, 

  • user friendly registration platform that is always easy to use, no matter the event,

  • options to purchase Refundable booking add-on upgrade and other add-on products, 

  • free 24h cancellation, 

  • fast customer service, 

  • and many more advantages.

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