It is possible to set up custom mapping in the Race Office so that products and and some fields which are sent with World's Marathons IDs can also be sent with your own IDs, thereby avoiding the need for you to store our IDs on your own platform for identification. 

To find where this mapping can be sent, first, log into the Race Office and head to the event which has the products and/or fields you would like to map. Once there, click on 'Settings' on the left hand menu and click on 'Webhooks'.

Once there, you will directed to the page where you set up your webhook. Underneath the area where you set up, you will see an empty table which when you have set up your mappings, will show you all the mappings which you have:

Click on the button which says 'Manage Mappings' and you will go to the page where you can set up the mappings. The page is split into two tables. The first is where you can set the custom IDs on different products: both tickets and extra products.

In the first common is the product name which you gave while setting up the product. The second column contains the ID which we use to identify the product and automatically gets sent in the webhook as the 'product_id'. The right column is where you can input your own ID which you would like to use to refer to the product in your own system. This will be sent in the webhook in the property 'external_product_id'. Once you have added a value, it will be saved automatically.

The following table is where you can map the IDs for options, custom questions and sub-questions which pertain to the products which you have (The options/custom questions/sub-questions will herein be referred to as options).

On the left, you have the name of the option which will be chosen or filled in by the participant and underneath, the ticket(s) or product which the option refers to. The middle column has the ID which World's Marathons uses to refer to the product. On the right is where you can fill the ID you would like to give the option which will be sent in the webhook as 'external_option_id'. If the option also has preset answers for the participant to choose from, you will see a small chevron next to the input box which you can click to reveal the values. You can set custom IDs for these values as well:

As before, once you have filled in the input box, the ID will be saved automatically. This value will be sent in the webhook as 'external_value_id'. If there are no preset values, this property will be empty.
If you set a custom ID for a value and later change that value, you will need to re-create the custom ID for it. You will be warned of this when saving a custom question with different values on the Registration Form page.

Once you have finished, you can click the 'Webhooks' button in the top left of the page and you will be redirected back to the initial setup page where all of your mappings will be listed in the previously empty table. Happy mapping!

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