We are passionate about marathons, about runners, about organisers who produce amazing events and about all those who contribute to the running community. The current situation saddens us deeply. We want to support everyone involved so that we can live through the difficult times together and enjoy many 10K's, marathons and ultras after the outbreak is over.

This article is going to help you understand how this crisis affects runners and organisers.

Why are running events being cancelled or postponed?

In most cases, events are cancelled because the government bans gatherings and events larger than a certain number of people. This is to avoid the risk of the highly contagious virus spreading to a large group of people that would then infect an even larger population.

Race organisers have to follow the guidelines of the government. 

How to check if the event is on schedule.

We are doing our best to gather the up-to-date information. However, if you want to stay on top of what is happening please check the official communication channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) of the event in question.

What to do if your event has been cancelled or postponed.

If your event has been cancelled or postponed please carefully read the official announcement. It usually informs runners about the new date and the refund policy. If you are still unsure about what you should do or if you want to ask for a refund please contact the event’s support team.

I purchased my ticket at World's Marathons. Why do I have to ask the organiser about a refund?

World's Marathons is a marketplace where organisers from around the world sell tickets and promote their events. We are obliged by a contract with the organiser to follow their terms & conditions and their refund policy. We can not make exceptions.

The refund request falls under the event organiser's specific cancellation policy. That will differ between each individual event organiser and their Refund Policy. We can only cancel your registration within 24 hours from the order. After that it is all in hands of the organiser.

Why most events are unable to refund your fee.

Anyone who tried organising a mass participation event knows it is not an easy task. It is not cheap either. The costs start accumulating months before the race and in case of big races even a year before. 

These are some of the main costs:

  • It takes many people to organise a running event and they have to be paid for it.

  • Marketing is important to attract runners so races spend a lot of money on that in preparation for the race to make sure that they sell enough tickets to pay for the race and hopefully to earn some money as well. 

  • Applying for permits comes with a cost.

  • It costs money to print bib numbers, produce medals, bags and souvenirs and all that has to be done many days before the race.

  • Water, isotonic, food, etc. may have been ordered already.

  • Sponsors pay for promoting themselves to runners and spectators and if there is no event they have no reason to pay for it.

I purchased a Refundable booking upgrade. Can I claim a refund?

Event cancellations and travel bans imposed by national or international body or agency are not covered under this service.
Please read the wording for more details on what is covered https://www.refundable.me/extended/en/.

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