Access your billing details

To add your bank details please log in to your Race Office, select Billing from the left-hand menu and click on "Change details" button.

Organizations outside the European Union

The form opens by default in "EU member" mode. If your organization is registered outside the European Union please select "Non-EU member".

Important information

Make sure the following fields contain information exactly as shown on your bank statement:

  • Official Organization Name,

  • Bank Name,

  • Bank Account Holder/Beneficiary (known as Bank Account Name in some regions),

  • Bank Address.


To add a currency not displayed in the form (EUR, USD, GBP) please select "Other" and add a 3 letter currency code (ISO 4217 standard) in a new field on the right (1).

Additional information

The field labelled "Other payment details if IBAN or Swift/BIC not applicable" (2) can be used to provide additional information. For example:

  • If your country does not use IBAN (International Bank Account Number) standard please use that field to add your bank account number.

  • If required add your Branch Code (ABA routing number in the USA and BSB in Australia).

  • Add the Recipient's Physical Address if it is required by your bank.

  • For transfers to India above 100.000 INR the IFSC code is required and should be provided as well.

Upon completing the form please confirm that the information is correct and click on "Save changes" button.

You are now ready to receive payments.

In case you have problems with this form please get in touch with our Customer Success team at [email protected]

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