There may be occasions where you need to cancel an order without giving a full refund. Before, if you were to partially refund an order, the participants would still appear on the participant exports so it may appear that the participant is still signed up for the event. It is now possible to remove the participant from the information exports and show the order as 'Cancelled' in your order list.

Please note: the option will not appear for you if the order is awaiting payment from the participant.

Navigate to your 'Orders' section in the Race Office and click on the order you would like to cancel. You will then find a new option in the top right hand menu:

Clicking this option will lead you to a confirmation screen:

Once you have confirmed you would liked to cancel the order, the order will still appear in your order list but will be marked appropriately:

Cancelling the order does not affect the refund status. If the order is cancelled and no money has been refunded to the participant, the order will still be processed normally so will be included in your next invoice. Similarly, this will be the case for partially refunded orders.

A cancelled order can still be refunded further or refunded fully. However, if an order is subsequently fully refunded, the status will be changed to fully refunded.

To read more about the refund process, you can refer to this article.

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