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Terms of Service
Terms of Service
Please read these Terms of Service carefully before registering for an Event or creating a profile at World’s Marathons.
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We did our best to write our Terms of Service in an easy to understand language. We also prepared a summary of the most important information:

  • The Site is a marketplace where event organisers and tour operators sell tickets. We don’t organise “in-person” events.

  • When you sign up for an event on our marketplace we guarantee the same conditions as those offered by the organiser of the event.

  • Your registration is 100% official the moment you finalize the payment.

  • You have to obey the rules of the event for which you registered.

  • Cancellations, refunds or deferrals are only possible if they are offered by the organiser of the event. Find out more in the Refund Policy.

  • You do not have to create an account on our website to register to an event.

  • This Cookie Policy explains how we use cookies to improve your experience on the site.

  • We are committed to data protection and your privacy. Please read about our Privacy Policy.

  • We may change those Terms of Service from time to time.

Now that you know the important bits you are ready to dive into the part required by law.

1. The Company

World’s Marathons is the trading name of World's Sports Group AB 559044-2454, Hagagatan 24, 11347 Stockholm, Sweden (the “Company”). The Company is registered in Sweden, with its postal address at c/o Melchert, Hagagatan 24, 113 47, Stockholm, Sweden.

World’s Marathons promotes and sells tickets and packages to sport events (each called an “Event”), such services are below referred to as the “Services”.

2. The Site

The website, and any sub-sites thereof, (together called the “Site”), are published and maintained by the Company as a service to its visitors.

3. Membership

You may establish a membership account at the Site by signing up with your email or using an external social media profile e.g. Facebook.

3.1. Newsletter

When creating a membership account, you are given the option to agree to receive emails that may contain marketing material. As a member, you are able to cancel email marketing from World’s Marathons at any time by changing the profile settings or contacting our customer support at [email protected].

4. SLS/TLS - security and credit card details

We do not store your credit card information.

All credit card information is handled securely on an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) page and transferred via TLS (Transport Layer Security) cryptographic protocols that provide communications security over a computer network.

A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes a unique identifier that is sent to your computer, tablet or mobile phone (referred to here as a "device") web browser from a website's computer and is stored on your device's hard drive. On the Site, cookies record information about your online preferences and allow us to tailor our Site to your interests. Read more about how we use cookies in our Cookie Policy.

6. Our offer etc.

The Company is only responsible for sales of Event tickets and add-on products and Services. The organisers of an Event are responsible for the delivery of the Event and any add-on products or Services connected with the Event, such as bus transfer, pasta party, etc.

7. Delivery

Provided that you complete the ordering process as requested; provide correct contact information, finalize the payment etc., you will receive notice of confirmation of your Event ticket straight away. The confirmation notice will give you the right to participate in the Event, given that you follow the rules set by the Organiser.

8. Event rules

You must follow the specific terms and conditions set out by the Organiser; e.g. regarding age limit, time limit of the race, second-hand sales of tickets and refund policies.

It is your sole responsibility to be in good health and physically prepared to complete the Event. World’s Marathons assumes no liability whatsoever for members’ and participators’ accidents or physical injury or death. In regard to the liability of the Organiser please check their respective website.

You must be prepared to show a valid ID to receive your race number and timing chip.

9. Cancellations and refunds

9.1. Refund Policy that applies to bookings

Except for the 24h Cancellation Policy offered by the Company it is the Terms & Conditions and the Refund Policy of the Event that applies to all tickets sold on the Site.

If the Organiser offers refunds or deferrals this applies to the tickets sold on the Site.

The Organiser is fully in charge of the Event and all possible cancellations or changes in the program.

The Organiser may need to reschedule or cancel the Event if they consider this necessary.

For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.

9.2. Refunds

If the Event is delayed or cancelled or if you withdraw for any reason the Company will not refund your entry fee.

Your fee can be refunded by the Organiser either through our marketplace or via other forms of payments.

The Company assumes no liability for any costs, expenses or losses of any kind incurred by you in connection with the Event including, without limitation, your accommodation and travel to the Event.

9.3. Refundable add-on

The Refundable booking add-on service fee is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the order or when you change your ticket to a more expensive one. The exception is when you request a refund within 24 hours from placing the order. In that case we refund 100% of your money.

When you change your ticket to a more expensive one your Refundable booking add-on becomes invalid and it will not be refunded.

The service is offered by the Protect Group.

9.4. 24h cancellation

World’s Marathons can offer money back if the order is revoked within 24 hours from your receipt of the confirmation notice, given that the Event will not take place within the next 7 days.

Cancellations can be made in the user's account. If the user who wishes to cancel the order has no account they will have to create one using the same email address that has been used for placing the order.

24 hours after you have received the confirmation notice no cancellations or refunds are allowed through the Site.

9.5. Processing of refunds

The Company will normally refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for your purchase e.g. VISA card payment. Depending on your bank, the refund typically takes 5-10 business days.

Refund requests for customers who purchased the Refundable booking add-on are processed by the provider of the service - the Protect Group.
Refunds claimed via this service are issued in a form of an international bank transfer.

10. Processing of Personal Data

We are committed to data protection and your privacy.

The Company is the data controller of the personal data you provide when you visit the Site and when you create a membership account at the Site and for the payment data you provide when you order products and Services through the Site. The Organiser is the data controller of the personal data you provide when you register for an Event and the Company only processes such data on behalf of the Organiser, i.e. the Company is the data processor. For further information on how the Company processes personal data see ourPrivacy Policy.

11. Price and currency

The prices and the referrals of local currency, equivalent credit, will be calculated using a system-wide rate, known as the base exchange rate using data from one or more third parties. The Company regularly updates the base exchange rate, but it may not be identical to the real-time market rate.

12. Company affiliate program

The Affiliate Program allows registered members, i.e. those with a membership account, to earn credits which can be redeemed and used as a payment method when purchasing future Event tickets. You are enabled to earn credits by referring others to use the Company's Services and later use these credits for a partial or full payment for a race ticket or other products sold via the Site.

12.1 How to earn credits

Users registered at the Site, can earn credits and use these credits as a payment method for future purchases. There are multiple ways to earn credits:

These are common use cases; but the list is not exhaustive: (1) a referred friend clicks on a referral link to create a valid user ID, agrees to our Terms of Service and then purchases a race ticket. (2) you promote a specific Event on your personal site or social media using a referral link (3) you conduct a specified action on the Site e.g. write a review.

You will be credited the amount specified on the Site or in related material. You will only be credited if the full payment goes through and if there is no post-purchase cancellations or changes to the booking.

Referred friends that have used a valid referral link may also receive a Credit if indicated in the referral material.

12.2. Redeeming credits

Credits can only be redeemed via the Site. You will be able to see your credits in your membership account and on the checkout page when you do a purchase on the Site.

Credits must be used within two years from the date they are issued. After two years, the Credits will expire. Credits have no cash value and may not be transferred or exchanged for cash. Credits accumulated in separate user accounts may not be merged into one account.

12.3 Termination and changes

The Company may suspend or terminate the ability to collect credits or a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason.

The Company reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove Credits upon notice of any activity that the Company suspects is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the Company’s Terms of Service. The Company reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in the Company's sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate. The Company reserves the right to discontinue the referral program at any time for no given reason. The credits will then no longer hold any value.

All decisions regarding the user balance will be final and at the Company’s sole discretion.

Unused Credits expire after 24 months at the end of the calendar month in which the Credits were earned.

13. Limitation of liability

The Company limits its liability to direct damage only (excluding any indirect and consequential damage) and at all times to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws.

14. Applicable law and dispute resolution

Swedish substantive law shall apply to these Terms of Service without reference to its conflict of laws principles.

In case of a dispute the parties shall use their best endeavours to find an amicable solution. All disputes arising in connection with the parties’ relation and this agreement shall be finally settled under the expedient arbitration rules (Sw. förenklat skiljeförfarande) of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The place of arbitration shall be Stockholm, Sweden.

15. Amendments

The Company may change its Terms of Service from time to time in the Company’s sole discretion. Any such changes will be posted on the Site: The Company encourages visitors of the Site to frequently check the Terms of Service. By accessing the Site or using the Services after we make any changes to the Terms of Service, you accept those changes.

16. Travel packages

The General Terms and Conditions for Travel Packages applies to travel packages purchased on World's Marathons.

17. Virtual Sports Events

For the terms and conditions of virtual Events organised by the World’s Sports Group refer to The General Terms and Conditions for Virtual Sports Events.

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